Welcome to the Wrightstown Middle School page for the "Tiger Traits" for the 2015-2016 school year.  During the past year, members of the staff met to discuss building-wide expectations for the future.  While over 95% of WMS students are EXCELLENT each and everyday while at school, we began discussing the fact that we could do a better job outlining and teaching what our expectations for student behavior are.  This resulted in members of the staff being trained in a framework called Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (P.B.I.S.), which led to the development of what we are now calling the "Tiger Traits". 

The Wrightstown Middle School "Tiger Traits" include all of the expectations that we have of students during each and every school day.  During the first day of school and on subsequent days, these expectations will be taught extensively to all middle school students.  Periodically reminders or "boosters" will be taught to the students as we evaluate student behavior data just like we evaluate student academic performance data.  With an increased focus on clearly outlining and teaching expectations, research indicates that academic performance will also improve.

Below you will find something we call our "Tiger Traits" matrix.  The matrix includes our basic expectations, which includes:  BE RESPONSIBLE...BE RESPECTFUL...BE SAFE...and BE YOUR BEST.  The matrix also specifically lists our expectations for specific areas of the building or life at school.  Each core team (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and each encore teacher has a seperate matrix of expectations also. 

Just as we are implementing the "Tiger Traits" at school, we encourage parents to reinforce our school-wide expectations at home.  Parents may also wish to develop a matrix of their own for expectations at home. 

If you should have any questions about the implementation of the "Tiger Traits" at WMS, please contact Mr. Mierow.

The Matrix
Tiger Traits Flow Chart
The following flow chart will be used by teachers when working with student behavior matters.
Sample Matrix for Parents to Adapt for Home Use
PBIS Overview