Scholarship Name Category Due Date Amount
Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship All Other Scholarships 11/15/2018 500 Four Year Awards
UW Stevens Point New First Year Student Scholarships All Other Scholarships 11/15/2018 Varies
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program All Other Scholarships 11/20/2018 varies
AED Superstore College Scholarship All Other Scholarships 11/30/2018 $1000
Andrew Flusche Scholarship Contest All Other Scholarships 11/30/2018 $500
National Space Club Scholarship All Other Scholarships 11/30/2018 $10,000
Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers Teaching 12/1/2018 $2,000
UW Milwaukee Alumni Association UW Schools - Scholarships 12/1/2018 Up to $5,000
National Honor Society (NHS) Scholarship Program All Other Scholarships 12/7/2018 $3,200 up to $25,000
BK Scholars All Other Scholarships 12/15/2018 Various
Engineers Foundation of Wisconsin Engineering / Architecture Scholarships 12/18/2018 Various
GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship All Other Scholarships 1/4/2019 20-$10,000 renewable
The Foundation of the WI Automobile & Truck Dealers Assoc Technical School Scholarships 1/15/2019 varies
Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association Technical School Scholarships 1/15/2019 Varies
UW Stevens Point Trytten Scholarship for Incoming Chemistry Major UW Schools - Scholarships 1/31/2019 $4,000
UW Platteville New Freshman Scholarships UW Schools - Scholarships 2/1/2019 various
Wisconsin Education Association Council Teaching 2/1/2019 $1450 yr / 4 years
Wisconsin Professional Police Association Police Science / Criminal Justice 2/1/2019 varies
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution-Scholarships All Other Scholarships 2/15/2019 Varies
UW Green Bay New Freshman Scholarship UW Schools - Scholarships 2/15/2019 Varies
Vietnam Veterans of America Wisconsin State Council Richard T. Nuske Memorial Scholarship Vietnam Veteran Scholarships 2/18/2019 3 - $1,500
American Legion Auxiliary Children of Warriors National President's Scholarship American Legion Scholarships 3/1/2019 Fifteen Scholarships
NWTC External Scholarships Technical School Scholarships 3/1/2019 varies
American Legion Schneider-Emanuel Scholarship American Legion Scholarships 3/1/2019 3-$1,000
American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarship American Legion Scholarships 3/1/2019 1-$10,000 & 3-$2,500 Awards
American Legion Auxiliary Wisconsin Scholarships American Legion Scholarships 3/15/2019 Various $$$
CHS Larsen Cooperative Scholarship All Other Scholarships 3/15/2019 varies
NWTC Promise Technical School Scholarships 4/1/2019 Tuition & Fees
Hammett, Bellin & Oswald Law and Justice Scholarship Legal Field 5/31/2019 $750.00
UW Madison UW Schools - Scholarships 6/1/2019 Various
Fastweb Scholarship Database All Other Scholarships 6/1/2019 Varying amounts and due dates
Arctic Chiropractic Got a Spine Scholarship All Other Scholarships 6/2/2019 $500
Abbott & Fenner Scholarship All Other Scholarships 6/14/2019 $1000
Global Lift Equipment Scholarship All Other Scholarships 6/15/2019 $500
BigSun Scholarship All Other Scholarships 6/19/2019 $500.00
Lift Parts Express All Other Scholarships 6/30/2019 $500